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Mrs. Jennifer Harris




I began taking piano lessons at the age of 6 when my school offered beginner lessons. When I graduated from college I had accumulated 14 years of lessons from 7 teachers. I am grateful to my parents for the financial investment and encouragement in developing my piano skill. Now I have a vocation, personal enjoyment, and an array of piano literature.




I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Music Education in 1996 and Master of Education in Music in 1998, both from Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC.

While studying in college, I was trained in piano, voice and handbells; piano and vocal pedagogy, choral training and conducting and general music instruction (grades K4-12).

I received a teaching certificate from the State of South Carolina for music, K4-12.



Piano Teacher

Over 20 years teaching private piano lessons of beginner to early advanced levels over all ages

Active Member of Central Minnesota Teachers Association

Active Member of Great River Music Club

Piano Accompanist

Over 20 years church pianist

3 years responsible for vocal technique, music theory games, story time, and activities for children ages 5 - 12 at weekly practices

Several years of accompanying vocal and instrumental soloists, choral groups and large congregations.

Music Teacher

2 years teaching elementary music K4-6


4 years performing in college handbell choir

2 years teaching and directing handbells and tonechimes of junior high ensembles and choirs


References available upon request.

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