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Mrs. Jennifer Harris




     My approach to teaching violin, beginner to level 3, is a blend of Suzuki posture and traditional note reading and techniques.   I teach from the Essential Strings curriculum and supplement with the Suzuki violin books and other technique studies.  I draw upon the many years of lessons and performing to apply a variety of music and teaching tools that help each student achieve their best potential.  I am the director of Prairie Grass Folk Band for strings and keyboard.



     I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Music Education in 1996 and Master of Education in Music in 1998, both from Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC.

While studying in college, I was trained in piano, voice and handbells; piano and vocal pedagogy, choral training and conducting, instrument instruction, and general music instruction (grades K4-12).

I received a teaching certificate from the State of South Carolina for music, K4-12.

I also learned how to start a string program and how to teach string instruments.



Music Teacher

2 years teaching elementary music K4-6

Private Music Instruction

over 20 years of private lessons to all ages


4 years performing in college handbell choir

2 years teaching and directing handbells and tonechimes of junior high ensembles and choirs

over 6 years of taking violin lessons

3 years of director and performer of violin in Prairie Grass folk band.

Violin Policy

It is my desire that all my students excel in their lessons at this studio.  It is out of this sincere desire that I am providing the following guidelines for student participation.  It is expected that these guidelines be followed by all students so that they may achieve the goals for which they are taking lessons.

Required Student Participation

Regular, daily practice of assigned lesson material is expected of all students. For younger students, a log of daily practice time will be kept and initialed by the parent.

Recommended minimum practice times per week are as follows:

Beginner              - 100 minutes
1-2 years              - 150 minutes
3rd year                - 170 minutes

The student is expected to practice throughout the week.  I recommend 10-30 minutes a day, 5 days a week.  I will highly encourage the student to keep up with 5 days a week. In addition to recording the practice time, the parent or guardian will need to initial the practice sheet for the student to receive a high placement on the motivation chart and a reward sticker.

The more the student practices carefully and accurately, the faster the rate of progress. 

For better progress, I highly recommend the parent or guardian attends the lesson with the student to better assist with the home practice.


There will be a charge of $23.00 per each 30 minute private lesson, or

$12 per student for each 30 minute beginner group class (2 students minimum – 5 maximum)


Plus $23 for each of the required group class parties (1 ½ hour) for all violin students, app. 2 per year.

            Winter Holiday Gathering and Spring String Fling


Payment is due for the whole month the first week of each month.

Lessons Missed

If a student fails to report for a lesson, the parent/guardian/student will be billed for it. Lessons missed due to holidays will be rescheduled. Lessons missed for personal reasons, i.e. doctor appointments (except emergencies), family outings, failure to practice, etc. are forfeited and parent/guardian/student will be billed if the teacher was not notified at least 24 hours in advance.


Students missing lessons due to sickness MUST contact me in advance by 8:00 a.m. Failure to do so may result in an unexcused absence for which the student will be charged. My cell phone number is (630) 788-2322.

Students are expected to attend lessons weekly at their scheduled time. Excessive absences will result in the student being dropped.  Lessons begun in the fall or winter are expected to continue until the end of the school year.

In the case of inclement weather, such as ice, excessive snow, or -30 degree temperature, the student may choose not to travel to lesson for safety reasons.  The lesson may be rescheduled, or, if unable to reschedule, a credit for that lesson will be given into the next month.

No Lesson Days

I will write a note in the student assignment book if we need to reschedule the lesson time for a certain week due to holidays, school outings, or vacation.

Assignments / Books

Each student is required to bring an assignment notebook to the lesson. I will make notes to the parents as well as to the students in the assignment notebook. Please feel free to write notes to me in the notebook.

I will provide an orchestra folder, books, and music. I will write request for payment for new books and music in the notebook. Payment is due within 2 weeks for books. Checks for the books should be made out to me.

Students must record daily and weekly totals of practice time which must be initialed by parents. I would like for the parents to ensure the students are practicing at least 5 separate days a week. Regular, careful practice is best.

Practice Motivation Chart

I have a magnet board posted in my studio with an outdoor scene of grass, flowers and clouds. Each student gets a picture with a magnet on the back to put on the board.  If he or she practices 5 days, the picture goes in the clouds, 4 days on a flower, 3 or less days on the grass.  Each gets a sticker chart too to collect a sticker for 5 days practiced and having parent signature.  Whenever they pass a page or song, the matching sticker goes on that page.


Recitals (combined with my piano and voice students)

May Recital at the Wirth Center for the Performing Arts

Summer String Showcase and Ice Cream Social at an assisted living facility

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