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Private Piano and Voice Lesson Guidelines

Required Student Participation

Regular, daily practice of assigned lessons is expected of all students. For younger students, a log of daily practice time will be kept and initialed by the parent.

Recommended minimal practice times per week are as follows:

Beginner              - 50 minutes
1-2 years              - 75 minutes
Intermediate         - 100 minutes
Late Intermediate - 150 minutes 

The more the student practices carefully and accurately the faster the rate of progress.



There will be a charge of $25.00 per each 30 minute lesson and $37 for each 45 minute lesson. Payment is due for whole month the first week of each month.


Lessons Missed

If a student fails to report for a lesson, the parent/student will be billed for it.  Lessons missed due to holidays will be rescheduled. Lessons missed for personal reasons, i.e. doctor appointments (except emergencies), family outings, failure to practice, etc. are forfeited and parent/student will be billed if the teacher was not notified at least 24 hours in advance.


Students missing lessons due to sickness MUST contact me in advance AT HOME by 8:00 a.m. Failure to do so may result in an unexcused absence for which the student will be charged.

My home phone number is (630) 788-2322.

Students are expected to attend lessons weekly at their scheduled time. Excessive absences will result in the student being dropped.

Lessons begun in the fall or winter are expected to continue until the end of the school year.

In the case of inclement weather, such as ice, excessive snow, or -30 degree temperature, the student may choose not to travel to lesson for safety reasons.  The lesson may be rescheduled, or, if unable to reschedule, a credit for that lesson will be given into the next month.


No Lesson Days

I will write a note in the student assignment book if we need to reschedule the lesson time for a certain week due to holidays, school outings, or vacation.


Assignment Books

Each student is required to have either a three-ring notebook or a folder with 3 brads to keep assignments. I will make notes to the parents as well as the students on the assignment sheet. Please feel free to write notes to me in the student notebook.

I will write request for payment for new books and music on this as well. Payment is due within 2 weeks if I pick up the book. Checks should be made out to me. I will have some students purchase the requested music at Bristol Grove Music Store on Route 59.

Students must record daily and weekly totals of practice time which must be initialed by parents. I would like for the parents to ensure the students are practicing at least 5 separate days a week. Perfect practice makes perfect.

Point System

Students can receive 5 points per lesson--2 for bringing books, 1 for parent signature, 1 for completing practice time required, and 1 for a good attitude. All of these are important for the student to have a prosperous lesson. Please help your child receive all 5 points.

Violin Policy is HERE.

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